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Living Diamonds Tibetan Yak Ranch

Lawrence Richards
40134 Farm RdPolson, MT 59860

2015 NAYR Denver Presentation

The following is an explanation of the:

• The North American Yak Registry
• The Appendix Program
• Problems encountered with hybridization of yaks with cattle breeds
• Genetic testing developed with UC Davis for yak/cattle hybrid

This PDF was adapted from a talk given by Lawrence Richards at the 2015 Members Meeting in Denver, Colorado.

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Color Inheritance in North American Yaks

The Grunting Ox, Vol. 1, No. 1

Published by Lawrence G. Richards, October 15, 2010 to the IYAK Website.

Three colors are recognized in NOrth American yaks: Native Black, Imperial and Golden. Native Blacks are black hided animals with a grey or brown muzzle. Some individuals will show a grey or grizzly dorsal stripe. Native blacks vary from a near dark black to brownish.

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Color Inheritance of the Royal Yak

Published and released by Lawrence G. Richards on September 21, 2991 at YAKARAMA '91.

The "Royal Yak" is a very rare strain of Yak in North America. Approximately 10% of the total Yak population in North America. I believe the name "Royal Yak" is a misnomer applied by zealous North Americans and has no significance in Tibe - nor special connection with Tibetan Royalty.

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Genomic Research Presentation - 2018

The Generation Based Progression Registry Program

This is a 3 section presentation. Slides 1 thru 3 cover the Mechanics of The Generation Program. A detailed introduction was written by Larry Richards and communicated via IYAK Newsletter to the Membership.

Explain the limitations of the Appendix B Program:

Restricts the possible introduction of heterozygosity into the NAYR by requiring backcrossing to Foundati... Full article >

Lake County Rancher Raises Prized Breeding Tibetan Yaks

POLSON – If you’re not sure what you’re looking at, the peaceful, shaggy creatures roaming the bucolic green pastures of Living Diamond Ranch resemble a bizarre, mutated cross of perhaps Scottish highland cattle and North American bison.

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Living Diamonds Ranch History

At Living Diamonds Ranch we currently have 55 yaks in conjunction with Bill Martin of West Farms and have selectively bred Tibetan Yaks for 20 years. Our history with yaks has been central to the history of yaks in North America during that time and may be of interest to those presently raising yaks, but unfamiliar with us.

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