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If you don't want to read all the legal jargon below, here is a summary (the full Terms & Conditions still apply):

  • Don't copy or use anything from the site without getting permission first. It's just not cool.
  • You can link to this site but it must be the entire page. Don't use our site, identity, or name to pretend to endorse yours or to misrepresent us. You wouldn't want anyone to do that to you!
  • Your dealings with businesses advertised on this site is your responsibility. We just advertise them.
  • Don't create fictitious accounts, misuse our system, or use it to promote another business or site.
  • Comments or feedback you leave on the forum, our social media pages, etc., can be quoted by us for promotional purposes. We'll be sure to give you credit!
  • We don't sell or share your information and we won't inundate you with email. Nobody likes that.
  • Use your full business and personal names in your account and make sure you don't upload copyrighted material unless you have permission.
  • Keep your username and password secure - your account security is your responsibility (avoid using password saving features in your browser).
  • Membership plans and advertising are non-refundable (partially or fully) and prices of items in your cart can change until you check out.
  • You're responsible to get your web-ready advertising graphic to us before the start date. Prices don't include ad design services. No ads for competitor sites and keep it clean and honest otherwise we might remove your ad!
  • When you post on the forum, stay on topic and treat people the way you'd want to be treated. Don't use the forum for advertising.
  • We try to keep our system running 100% of the time, make it easy to use, and make it work smoothly; but no one's perfect - sometimes there are issues or maintenance we need to perform. We can't compensate for any losses and hope you'll understand.

Terms is an affiliated website of ("Openherd") and owned by Alpaca Elite LLC ("we", "our", "us"). By using the website ("Yakzz", "this site"), you acknowledge your understanding of and agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions below.


While we allow anyone to view the information on this site, this in no way constitutes permission that the site in whole or in part, the data, information, criteria-based searching and compiled search results, text, images, site design, color scheme, logo, site images, site code, or any other content can be reused, displayed, sold, or used to create derivative work, products, or websites, or be distributed, either by human or automated means, for commercial, promotional, intellectual, political, or other purposes.

The information that individual members display on their public pages and the features provided by for the purposes of contacting or otherwise interacting with members are intended for legitimate enquiries related to the products and services offered by the members of By using, you acknowledge and agree to not use the information presented or the features provided, including the "Email Us" feature, for the purpose of soliciting business, either by human or automated means. Enquiries into products and services offered by inidividual members of should be limited so as not to cause repeated, unwanted communication, especially when any member has specifically requested you to stop sending them messages. Failure to abide by these Terms may result in your member account being suspended, removed, measures implemented to prevent your use of the site, or other legal action being taken.

All content as it is compiled and presented on this site is the property of Yakzz and is protected by U.S. and International copyright laws. If you wish to use the Yakzz logo or other content of this site you must obtain specific written permission from us.

Other websites are given permission to link to as long as the page linked to is displayed in its entirety (not framed or otherwise cropped), and that the identity and content of is not used to falsely give affiliation or endorsement to another business or individual, used for derogatory purposes, or in any other way to misrepresent Yakzz, its services, members, or the information presented on this site.

While we encourage professionalism and integrity of all the businesses advertised and linked to on this site, we neither warrant, nor take responsibility, nor assume liability for the products, services, practices, or actions of any individual, business entity or advertiser represented on this site. Therefore, users of this site are encouraged to review and evaluate a business, their statements and policies, products and services, and other sales information for themselves before deciding to conduct business with them.

Member Accounts

Member accounts are intended for legitimate farms or farming-related businesses to promote their products and/or services. The content management system ("CMS") is to be used in a manner consistent with its intended purpose, which includes using specific input forms or upload tools according to the listing categories, input labels, captions, tooltip notes, or other notes related to that input.

Member accounts and related display pages are not to be used as a form of page redirection, promotion of other websites or other online content, services, or resources, or for advertising an organization or business that is not deemed by us at our sole discretion to be consistent with the intent of this site.

Members are required to provide all required farm and contact information which must be for a legitimate business entity. Members are not permitted to create multiple accounts that are disguised under fictitious or misleading identities or for which the business information does not appear to be for a legitimate business. We reserve the right to immediately deactivate accounts that are not in compliance with this policy.

By creating an account on, you give us permission to contact you regarding related products, services, updates, promotions, and other relevant information. You also agree to give us permission to use comments or feedback submitted via the forum, promotions, social media sites, or other publicly accessible pages administered by us, along with your name and business name (if applicable), in our marketing campaigns and materials. We do not share or sell any contact or personal information and do not engage in any spamming or other unethical practices.

Business Identity

Members are required to list their business name in a manner consistent with its legally registered name or DBA ("Doing Business As"). Suffixes such as "Inc." or "LLC" may be omitted. However, members are not permitted to add or remove characters, symbols, or spaces to or from their legal business name as a means to manipulate their alphanumerical position in search results, to disguise their business identity, or to infringe upon the legal identity of another business or individual. We reserve the right at our sole discretion to edit a business's listed name that does not appear to be supported by content uploaded to their account. If a dispute arises over the use of a name that we have deemed to be inconsistent with other instances of that business name, proof of legal business registration may be submitted to us for review and verification.

Individual Identity

Members are required to list their and any other name(s) and contact information associated with an account in their normal, full form (or contracted form, such as "Deb" instead of "Deborah", "Jim" instead of "James"), as commonly associated and published with their legal business name. Abbreviations of first or last names, such as "J. Brown" or "James B." and incomplete contact information fields, are not permitted. We reserve the right to suspend or deactivate any account 5 business days after a Member has been notified by email about a problem with their names or contact information and the required updates have not been made.

Member Rights, Responsibilities & Liability

A Member of includes anyone who has created an account. Members of take sole responsibility for the content (text, images, data, links, etc.) they upload and display and the accuracy and truthfulness of their information and claims. Opinions and views expressed by members are solely theirs and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of Yakzz or Openherd. We accept no responsibility or liability for errors or omissions in third party records and information or information uploaded by members. We strive to keep this website free of profanity, inappropriate images, derogatory or libelous content, and any other content that we determine to be unacceptable. We reserve the right to edit, remove, or delete any content at our sole discretion and revoke a member's privileges or account.


Yakzz members must obtain formal permission to publish or republish copyrighted material from the respective copyright owner(s) prior to publishing in their account. Complete credit, backlinks, or other identifying information must be included, as requested by the copyright owner and as required by applicable copyright laws. Any member that does not obtain formal permission to republish copyrighted material may be in violation of U.S. and International copyright laws and are liable to prosecution by the respective copyright owner(s).

We reserve the right to immediately remove any material we deem at our sole discretion to be in violation of copyright laws. Furthermore, we reserve the right to suspend or revoke a member's account if a complaint or multiple complaints are received from copyright owner(s) regarding material published without their permission or that is not in full compliance with their terms of use.

While we strive to inform members of their responsibilities regarding publishing the work of others and obtaining formal permission to do so, we do not accept responsibility or liability for material published by any member using their account and displayed on any website served by the Openherd database. If a copyright owner discovers that their work has been published without permission, they should contact us immediately.

Account Security

Yakzz members are solely responsible for maintaining security of their account username and password, access to their account, its use and the information and content that they or anyone else using their account uploads and displays on their pages. We assume no responsibility or liability for the information and images that are uploaded through member accounts and displayed on their pages and any claims of ownership or copyright infringement that may arise from such information and images. Members are solely responsible for keeping their username and password secure and take responsibility for the actions and content uploaded by others who use their account, whether by permission or not, due to sharing of login information or by using browser features such as password managers or other technology that saves login information.

Personalized URLs provides account holders who have an active farm or store profile with the ability to create their own personalized URL (Uniform Resource Locator) for the purpose of providing a shorter, meaningful web address to direct visitors to their profile on The personalized URL entered should closely resemble the corresponding business name or registered domain name. The practice of domain speculation, whereby a URL is taken with the intent of denying another business from being able to use this URL for their own farm, as a means to deceptively direct web traffic away from another business' pages to their own, or with the intention of selling back a URL for any form of profit, is strictly prohibited. In the case where one member's farm name is very similar to a competitor's farm name and there is no evidence of domain speculation or malicious intent, then URLs are acquired on a first come, first served basis and we assume no responsibility for arbitrating such cases.

In the case where a member has entered a URL that appears to be unrelated to their own farm name and is confusingly similar to another farm's name, we reserve the right to remove their URL entry at our sole discretion. We also reserve the right to deny the privilege of a Personalized URL to any farm that engages in any form of domain speculation or malicious activity.


Purchases made from individual businesses represented on this site are strictly between the buyer and the business that the item(s) or service(s) are being purchased from. We take no responsibility or liability for the accuracy, quality, suitability, or any other aspect of item(s) or service(s) purchased, invoicing, billing, payment, shipping, delivery/non-delivery, returns, refunds, damage, insurance claims, warranties, guarantees, customer service, complaints, or any other action or activity related to the transaction.

Any terms, conditions, or policies stated by individual businesses represented on this site shall in no way be incorporated with, amend, or supercede these Terms and Conditions.

Users whose products or services are displayed in the Store are required to categorize their items consistent with the product category selected so as to not mislead or otherwise cause confusion to visitors. We reserve the right at our sole discretion to either re-categorize or remove any product or service that is either miscategorized or is in any other way misleading to customers. If an appropriate product or service category does not exist, this does not constitute permission to categorize an item under the category deemed the "closest" to the user. Users should either NOT post an item that can not be properly and accurately categorized or they can contact Yakzz Support and request that a new category be added, at our discretion.

If complaints are received regarding a specific item or the business practices of a particular user, we reserve the right to either remove such items or deactivate a user's account until such a time that the reason for the complaint(s) can be satisfactorily addresses and corrected. Purchases

All membership plan and advertising purchases from Yakzz are non-refundable and are not eligible for pro-rated refunds for any unused membership or advertising term. Items in your shopping cart always reflect the most current pricing and are subject to availability and may be purchased by others until your payment process has been successfully completed.


All prices and fees on are in United States Dollars (USD). We assume no liability for purchases under any assumptions that prices shown are in any other currency other than USD.


Advertisers on are solely responsible for the advertising ("ad", "ads") information and materials that they provide or upload. We assume no responsibility or liability for inaccurate, misleading, incomplete information, or incorrect URLs ("hyperlinks"). Ads that promote or link to Yakzz competitors or that are offensive, inappropriate, disparaging or libelous towards Yakzz or another business or individual represented on this site or are in any other way deemed to be unacceptable at our sole discretion, will be promptly removed without advance notice. If an advertiser establishes a habit or pattern of abuse of these Terms, we reserve the right to revoke their advertising privilege or member account. If an ad is deemed unacceptable by us and is removed, the advertiser will be notified via their account email address and will be given the opportunity to replace the ad with one that is acceptable for the balance of the ad run time, unless their privileges have been revoked. No credit will be given for elapsed ad runtime that is not utilized.

Advertising prices DO NOT include graphic design services. Advertisers will need to provide their own web-ready artwork according to the specifications provided in their account or by contacting Yakzz Support.

In the case that an advertiser has not uploaded or provided materials for their scheduled ad run as their run date(s) approach, we will make reasonable effort to contact the advertiser ahead of the ad's scheduled runtime. However, if an advertiser cannot be reached and materials or necessary information provided in time, they will not be entitled to a refund or partial refund. Rescheduling advertising for different dates may be approved on an individual basis upon request, as long as the new start date being requested is at least 30 days ahead of the date the request is being made. Rescheduling is subject to availability of ad space.


Users of the Yakzz forum take sole responsibility for the content they post, the accuracy of their information, advice given, or opinions expressed, which do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Yakzz or its moderators. Yakzz and its moderators reserve the right to edit, alter, or remove any content posted to the forum. We also reserve the right to revoke a user's privilege to post content. No profanity, "flaming", derogatory or libelous comments, advertising, legal advice, voicing grievances, inappropriate content, or discussions not related to the nature of this site will be allowed.

Compensation for Losses

While we strive for 100% uptime with our servers and other services, we cannot guarantee or warrant against interruptions to services hosted by us or by third-party providers. Every effort will be made to avoid downtime and to schedule maintenance for off-peak, non-business hours. Members will be notified via on-site messages of any scheduled interruptions to service or account access.

We do not assume responsibility or liability for a user's lack of knowledge or inability to use our site or software or for any other claims arising out of the use or lack of use of our services.

We do not provide compensation for losses or other claims relating to interruptions of service, lost data, lost time, lost productivity, lost business, direct or indirect costs or expenses, or sales transactions facilitated through

All sales transactions and sale contracts are strictly between the Seller and Buyer and any Seller terms, conditions or policies shall in no way be incorporated with, amend, or supercede these Terms and Conditions.

Copyrights & Trademarks

We do everything reasonably possible to be aware of, respect and not infringe upon any copyrighted material or business trademark. Articles, photos and other material submitted to us or uploaded by individuals or members are assumed to have permissions granted by their respective copyright or trademark holders for the intended use. We do not take responsibility or assume liability for published material for which permission has been given by its copyright or trademark holder or else does not appear to be copyrighted or trademarked. Any copyright or trademark owner who believes that their work has been used without permission should contact Yakzz Support immediately.

Presentation and Modification of Content, Terms, and Policies

While we attempt to be as accurate as possible in describing services and Terms and Conditions, we cannot guarantee that the information presented on this site is complete and free from error. Any questions, concerns or clarifications should be addressed to Yakzz Support in a prompt and timely manner.

We reserve the right to modify these Terms & Conditions at any time without notice.

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