— The Yakzz Team

Hot Disch Farm, LLC.

Craig and Shawn Dischinger
12001 Hwy 23 SWRaymond, MN 56282

Hot Disch Farm Store

"Once you try Yak, you don't go back!"

About Our Store

Welcome to the beginnings of our store. Our family would love to be your farmer and the place you get all your delicious Yak and Chicken. Come on in and learn about our farm, our family, and our delicious products!

Yak meat is the main reason you are here and we are excited to teach you about the amazing health benefits of Yak meat.

Pasture Raised Chickens are also raised on our farm. We love watching our flock run in the grass and chase after bugs. Did you know chickens love to eat fruit? Our birds love watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries, and just about anything else we throw in there. We feel the wider variety their diet is the better they will taste for us.

Right now we offer delivery of larger quantities, on farm pickup and farmer's market pickup. If you order a super large order of yak sometimes delivery via driving or airplane is cheaper than shipping it in the mail. Let us know if you are interested