— The Yakzz Team

Hot Disch Farm, LLC.

Craig and Shawn Dischinger
12001 Hwy 23 SWRaymond, MN 56282

"Love is in the air."

Breeding Registered Yaks

Pricing: $200.00 / month during the cow or heifer's stay at Hot Disch Farm.
Questions: 320-420-4012

Service Description

Clients will be able to place their yak cows or heifers with our herd bull for the summer months before our bull gets placed in with his girls who live on our farm. The guest yaks will be placed in the pasture with "Mr. Romance", himself. They will also enjoy lush pasture and grass/alfalfa mixed hay as needed, along with cool water and many shady areas to relax in. There will even be background music and daily checks from the staff at Hot Disch Farm.

The guest yaks will be offered a complete diet, which includes apples (when in season), protein treats, mineral and salt blocks, and veterinary care as needed. Vet costs will be paid by the owner of the yak that needs attention.

Terms of Service

The cost for these services is $200.00 per month with a %50 down payment upon arrival. The staff at Hot Disch Farm will do their very best to keep good and safe care of your yak(s).