— The Yakzz Team

Dog Boarding

Our dog kennel has 4 heated indoor/outdoor runs;

The inside runs are 5.5’x 8’ (padded floor) the outside are 8’x14’. Inside runs have removable divider walls so multiple dogs from the same home can enjoy more room. Each run has a doggy door, dog bed and food and water bowls. A covered gutter inside runs the length of the building (32’), for easy clean up. A radio is provided at all times and nightlights are on all night long.

Outside runs have doors in-between and can be opened for more room. The ground outside is pea gravel over wire mesh & landscape fabric. There are raised platforms for laying on as well as pavers to walk on from doggy door to outside run door. The outdoor area is permanently covered and shade slats are in the majority of the chain link for sun and wind block.

The doggy quests are allowed to be outside in the fenced yard (4') as well as in a 1.5 acre fenced pasture most of the day. Small dogs will need to remain in the kennel, but big dogs all need to get along and be able to run and play in the open areas. Aggressive dogs are not allowed.