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Turkey Hill Yaks

Quality, Tame, Registered Yak Breeding Stock

Mike Swartz
52 Dawn LaneCody, WY 82414

Yak Meat Terms

Turkey Hill Yaks sells only USDA dry aged all natural grass-fed meat. The yaks  born and raised on our ranch. They graze on grass legume pastures spring, summer and fall. In the winter months they are fed free choice grass/alfalfa hay. This program produces a consistent quality in the meat. The yaks are not given growth hormones, antibiotics and never see a feed lot. We are proud that our yaks are humanely treated. The cuts offered are Ribeye Steaks, T-bone Steaks,  Tenderloin Medallions, Ground Yak , Yak Ground Patties and Ground Sirloin.

In addition to the meat cost is Fedex,  shipping carton and dry ice. We offer two carton sizes, 10 and 20 pound. Keep in mind for example that a 10 pound meat order will weigh approximately 20 pounds and a 20 pound meat order, 40 pounds. We can ship any amount up to 20 pounds but suggest maximizing for a 10 or 20 pound order. A full carton stays frozen longer during shipment,


For a quote, email us at mike@turkeyhillyaks.com

We ship Fedex on Mondays and bill with Paypal