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Yaks of the PA Wilds

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Yak Fact and Links

“Domesticated, full blood yaks are a cross between the wild yak and various local domestic cattle breeds surrounding the Himalayan Mountains.” —IYAK.ORG

Yaks have handlebar horns, shoulder humps, horse-like tails and long shaggy skirts that nearly touch the ground.
They can reach 20 or more years of age.
Females average 600-800 pounds and 4.5 feet tall at the hump.
Bulls average 1200-1500 pounds, but can reach over 1600 pounds.
Bulls can stand 6.5 feet tall at the hump.
Yaks are a member of the bovine family.

Meat: Delicious, heart-healthy alternative to beef and bison. Yak meat has twice the protein and half the fat of skinless chicken breast.
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Fiber: Comparable to cashmere or angora. The downy undercoat sheds in the spring and can be processed, while the course ‘guard hair’ can be used to weave ropes and belts.
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Milk:  Very rich; perfect choice for exceptional cheeses, butter and yogurt.

Yaks do not require special fencing; standard 4-wire barbed wire is sufficient.
They are cold hardy and disease resistant.
Birthing is easy—calves only weigh about 30 pounds.
Yaks eat only about ½ the amount of forage that a commercial cow eats.