— The Yakzz Team

2016 Yak Exhibition, KY

East of the Mississippi Yak Exhibit Opens the Door for Many New Yak Enthusiasts!

By Dan Coulter, Yakzz.com

It was truly a family affair with many exploring the "Yak Lifestyle." Photos: Dan Coulter

Something exciting happened on October 15th in Morehead, KY. Greg Dike of Zhi-ba Shing-ga Yaks rounded up 5 yak breeders to showcase some of their yaks at the first East of the Mississippi Yak Exhibit.

Greg worked tirelessly to make this a terrific event. Those attending not only were able to see 30 yaks and talk to active yak breeders, but they also were able to sit in on seminars that included Health Care, Yak Fiber Processing, and Marketing.

Ribbons were awarded in several categories, delicious yak burgers were on the grill all day, and, to keep everyone smiling and toe-tapping, a bluegrass group entertained the very appreciative crowd.

Visitors to the exhibit represented a variety of backgrounds, from cattle to no livestock experience at all. To be able to get this close to yaks and see how beautiful and placid they are, seemed to plant the idea of just how do-able yaks can be.

Coming in from five different states, the yak breeders in attendance were able to share stories and experiences with each other, learning new things to help their business grow and prosper. In spite of some of the yaks having a long travel day, they all co-operated by allowing head scratches and picture-taking. There was a snort or two from one mom that was there with her new calf!

All the excitement and enthusiasm bodes well for those that want to promote yaks. Yaks are perfect for people looking for a beautiful animal that is easy to manage and that provides a quality end-product. Spread the word!

Plans are already being made for the "Second Annual East of the Mississippi Yak Exhibit". If you would like information on this event, please email Greg Dike.

Yakzz.com was proud to support this event. If you have an event to grow the yak industry in your area, we would like to support you, too. Contact Dan Coulter at dan@yakzz.com