— The Yakzz Team

Yaks of the PA Wilds

Chris, William, and Willy Wilcox
1196 West Hill RoadCovington, PA 16917

A brief history of our farm...

My great great uncle, in 1903, started the first herd of registered Holsteins in the state of Pennsylvania.

We had an active dairy farm until 1998 when we sold our herd and went to selling hay. Twelve years later, we decided to use our land to run a herd of beef cows.

In January 2012 we purchased a herd of Yaks from Utah. We had two tractor trailer loads delivered on January 24. There were 10 royals and 140 imperials and trims delivered. Of them we received four bulls, one crossbred steer, 30 calves, and the rest were females of various ages. In June we traveled to Maine and purchased five Tame Royals—two bulls and three females, with one of them bred that had a baby girl on August 4. They all have the rare Golden gene, and one of the bulls was a yearling Golden Royal—the rarest of all types. In July we had two registered Royal Bulls delivered that we turned in with our Royal Herd, and have had babies born this spring. In April 2013 we purchased 11 more. The first baby born on our farm from our breeding program was a trim on May 20, 2013. Our first registered one was May 23.

Welcome to our farm!

Located in the scenic hills of Covington, Pennsylvania, our farm is home to one of the largest yak herds in North America.