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Eric & Susan Mandatta
56 Rittenhouse RoadStockton, NJ 08559
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Tibetan Yak are majestic, curious, intelligent and beautiful additions to our farm and life.

At Silver Cuff Farm, our small herd is cared for with an abundance of love and attention. We make sure to offer a daily schedule they look forward to which results in an equal amount of trust and respect between us. We pride ourselves on the gentle nature of our yaks.

Why yaks? Why not?

Do you love driving by a pasture to find delight when you see the presence of a group of animals grazing--we used to point and gaze and smile when we saw a field of animals. It's what would wake the kids up during road trips, spark conversation and wonder. The striking presence of yak in a pasture--how they move, run, interact and look--simply sublime. Now from nearly every window we look out we see these magnificent animals sharing our land at our home.

A yak herd can thrive on a small acreage farm, as they graze more efficiently than traditional cattle. Their grazing requirement, hardiness, and the ability to harvest fiber from combing them sold us--in 2013 we started looking into this breed--before we owned any land or farmhouse at all. In 2017 when we closed on our farm, within 6 months we purchased our precious foundation heifers, each 8 months old. It took us 2 more years to find "our" perfect bull in 2019, and now we celebrate our gorgeous 2020 calf crop!

As we approach the fence line, oftentimes our cows, now along with their cautious yet curious 2020 calves, come to us to receive head scratches and rubs behind their ears.

The fiber we harvest from these girls year after year is phenomenal in it's softness, fineness and volume! "Salon Days" at Silver Cuff each spring allow us to comb out their down undercoats to make them more comfortable in the summer months as well as form a close bond with each of their very distinct personalities. Fiber is either sold at local yarn shops raw for spinners or sent to a mill to process into yarn to sell.

Our bull and cows are all registered and pedigreed with the finest bloodlines from some of the original Tibetan Yak herds imported into North America over 20 years ago.

Tibetan Yak vary in their markings, nose color and coat lengths. When starting our herd, we wanted a variety and continue to enjoy the "look" of our herd. Every farm has it's own preference for what they like to see--shape of head, markings vs. solids, nose color, fiber length, etc. We found one of the traits we particularly are drawn to is shape and symmetry of horns.

Please feel free to call or email us to chat about our animals, particularly if you are thinking of adding these exotic livestock to your current or future farm. Together we admired these animals and have been visiting yak farms and ranches throughout the U.S. since 2013--as well as attended many National Western Stock Shows in Denver where yak breeders bring their animals each January to show and sell. We have done the research, and started the dream. You can too.

Looking forward to your call,

~Eric and Susan

Small farm pleasures - big yak dreams!

Simple dreams transformed--a lifestyle change with bountiful bliss. There are so many qualities these animals possess that will enhance your life and pastures. We are a testament that yak can thrive in a smaller farm environment. Looking forward to helping you get started! Call us to discuss any questions you may have about Tibetan Yak.

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