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Living Diamonds Tibetan Yak Ranch

Lawrence Richards
40134 Farm RdPolson, MT 59860


Yak, Bull (male) | Royal

IYAK - Foundation# A161 | DOB: 4/16/2013 (6 yrs)



Bull (male)Imperial Trim
IYAK - Foundation# P018DOB: 5/4/200613 yrs
 IYAK - Foundation# P018 Imperial Trim


Cow (female)Imperial Trim
IYAK - Foundation# K074DOB: 7/13/200118 yrs
BLACKBERRY is now deceased as of last summer. We suspect her heart gave out after a prolonged unusually hot summer. BLACKBERRY has been pretty much the center of our successful breeding program. As you can see we have 3 direct BLACKBERRY daughters and over a dozen BLACKBERRY granddaughters in our program. WE need to tell you about one outstanding Royal son of hers sired by LDR ALASKA P018 and that is none other than LDR ALASKAN POWERBALL. If you desire an absolutely powerful Royal bull that has perfect rear quarter conformation, tremendous girth and super correct hooves and has all the potential to be as powerful a breeder as the incomparable LDR DR.LOCK O086 then you should give us a call. Not for the timid yak breeder, but for one progressive breeder who wants to step out in front of all other breeding programs.
 IYAK - Foundation# K074 Imperial Trim

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ALASKAN POWERBALL sired by the great LDR ALASKA P018 also sire of FW RIMROCK T030 the lead sire presently at Living Diamonds Ranch and of LDR KLONDIKE T057 doing a great job for Tom Hansen in Colorado.

And out of the great LDR BLACKBERRY K074 the 2009 NWSS Grand Champion Yak (both sexes).
BLACKBERRY has produced LDR DR.LOCK O086 the greatest breeding yak bull ever used at LDR surpassing the greats as "SENIOR DIAMOND" D248, "JUNIOR DIAMOND" G013, PRINCE ALLANTE C020 and DREADLOCK F199 when all selected parameters are considered. DR LOCK produced 2 NWSS Grand Champion Females and 5 NWSS Reserve Grand Champion females. BLACKBERRY herself produced 1 NWSS Grand Champion Female and is grandmother to all of the above.
BLACKBERRY is also the mother of LDR VADER T056 the lead sire for Boyd and Cayden Meyers in Colorado having produced the 2017 NWSS Grand Champion Bull. All these awards in the competitive Pen Show.
LDR retains 3 direct BLACKBERRY daughters LDR APPLEBERRY P012( 2012 NWSS Grand Champion Female), LDR SNOWBERRY N085 and LDR INFINITE BERRY Z024 all fabulous producers.
Her only 2 other daughters TOROBERRY with Brad Sprouse in Michigan and LEXIBERRY with Greg Dike in Kentucky are also producing greatly.

So that is the power of this pedigree.
ALASKAN POWERBALL could take your breeding program to new heights.
He has perfect conformation, great girth, tremendous torso, impeccable rear quarter conformation and the short upright rear hoof with straight side walls that does not require trimming.This hoof was introduced to LDR with "SENIOR DIAMOND" and has been carefully selected for over the generations and is highly heritable.
POWER BALL has the short desirable trophy head, perfect symmetrical horns and a super quiet disposition desired by every breeder.

Admittedly this is a strong price, but these high powered pedigrees generate financial returns in several breeding seasons and can catapult a breeding program to new heights.
Not for the casual hobby farmer POWERBALL is for the serious yak breeder not the faint of heart. His name suggests his future for you.

Updated 2/14/2019